We’re always on the lookout for new and interesting ideas. We know that some of the best idea’s never make it to market because it gets bogged down in obstacles and red tape. This is where MFDC really shine. We’re happy to listen to any idea’s you may have and work with you to evaluate its potential.

We can work to any budget and have been known to be big softies for Non Profits and worthwhile causes.

If you have a great idea but want to convert it into a business, then contact us today.


Builders who listen. We have extensive experience in building software, web and mobile applications.

What we can do:

Server-side software development
  • NodeJS based dynamic websites
  • Custom database solutions – MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle
  • *Nix based development
  • Virtual machine solutions
Client-side software development
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript / AngularJS (inc. jQuery etc)
  • Command line tools
  • GUI based applications
  • Mobile application development (including iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile)
  • Technical specifications and assessment


We can professionally meet all your design requirements to suit any budget. Our design team will assess your market business needs and market audience to ensure the best possible designs.

Looking to update your online business presence? We have the tools and knowledge to create feature rich websites showcasing your products or services. All of our websites are designed to your business needs, to ensure the largest market audience possible. Have a look at our Client pages for some examples. Or why not Contact Us today to see what services we can offer.

In addition to our internal design team, we also have a large network of designers from various creative backgrounds who can assist you with your design needs. No stale creativity here.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps seem to be on everyone’s “must have” list at the moment. Although demand is high, supply of friendly professional, experienced app developers is relatively scarce. This is where talking to MFDC will make a difference. We will listen and work with you, without trying to “geek hammer” you with technical jargon.

We build mobile Apps. We’ll take care of the complicated technical stuff and work with you to ensure that your App not only meets your business and functional needs but it will also be built within budget and on time.

As genuine App developers, we take great pride in our work and our ability to provide real value to your ideas and concepts. From our experience, good mobile Apps are not standalone products/services. Often they require integration (possibly technically and procedurally) with your business. We will work with you to ensure you are looked after pre and post App launch.

If you have a great idea for a Mobile App but want to convert it into a business, then contact us today.