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We are a small boutique technology development company that specialises in being friendly!

In the fast changing world of technology we have found that too many technology companies lose sight of traditional customer service values and not taking the time to listen to their clients.

MFDC will listen and we will guide you through the labyrinth of options available to you when you need a technological solution or to build the tools to assist in growing your business. We believe we are the only technology company that has actually ever advised our clients NOT to use technology as a solution to their problem.

All our clients come from referrals and we are committed to providing quality service to every project. We will not take on a project if we feel that we would not be able to suitably manage and implement the solutions to our high standard of service.

Software developer extraordinaires

Bespoke software development for clients large and small. We can provide end to end turn key solutions.

Modern apps

Mobile Apps seem to be on everyone’s “must have” list at the moment. Although demand is high, supply of friendly professional, experienced app developers is relatively scarce. This is where talking to MFDC will make a difference. We will listen and work with you, without trying to “geek hammer” you with technical jargon.

Growing ideas

We’re always on the lookout for new and interesting ideas. We know that some of the best idea’s never make it to market because it gets bogged down in obstacles and red tape. This is where MFDC really shine. We’re happy to listen to any idea’s you may have and work with you to evaluate its potential.

Clean code

Builders who listen. We have extensive experience in building software, web and mobile applications.


We can professionally meet all your design requirements to suit any budget. Our design team will assess your market business needs and market audience to ensure the best possible designs.

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